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“If you fantasize about mermaids, scuba gear, and underwater lesbians then I think you'll really enjoy the clips for sale here. This webstore offers around seventeen clips for sale featuring beautiful European women wearing scuba gear, stockings, or nothing at all. Some of the women simply masturbate for the camera, while others swim like mermaids or engage in underwater sex with another stunning female. All the clips have stated run times, sample images, blurbs describing the action, and the price clearly listed. Refund and contact info is easy to find, and the organization is simple but easy to navigate. All the movies that I saw featured women in pools, rather than ocean settings. Most of the HDTV videos run over 20 minutes and are sold for around $10. A neat and original offering of erotica! There is also a brief overview of aquaphilia, and a very basic primer on how to have sex underwater. I dare you to take a look at the sample teaser videos on this site and not come away with a few fantasies of your own. Sexy, wet, and fun! - Vamp”


“How long can you hold your breath underwater? Could you possibly hang on until an orgasm is reached? The concept of this site is one that definitely sparks interest, it’s different, it’s stimulating, it gives a different perspective of that non gravity hold you’ll find from a mattress, and allows beautiful women to float into fornication. With my own confession of not even being able to swim, I can’t imagine masturbating from the floor of a pool without a life-jacket, arm flotation devices, and a cable ready to pull me to the top with a moment’s notice. Yes, I admire these women, not just their outstanding beauty, but their stamina, allure and the fact they’re part of a Underwater Sex site that will have you diving for dirtiness!

From the look of things, this is a new site, very new, just a few weeks under their belt and carrying a count that says they’re eager to keep the freshness coming, but, if you’re finding true interest in this niche, do realize you’ll be growing together. I can’t help but wonder as the sets grow, will their imagination expand even more as well. At the time of this review, the content carries softcore installments only, but then when you think about how long they’re under water, things will be softened nicely. They include masturbatory shots, lovely girls with their long hair floating with a freeness while clad in thigh high stockings, and at times even less, wearing goggles now and then, but always sporting vibrators and dildos for those hard to reach places.

As I mentioned, this site is just a few weeks old, so there’s not a lot to behold….yet, but what is here will cover a lot of solo sessions of complete saturation, along with a few lesbian sets as well. The camera person does a wonderful job of making sure they have waterproof equipment and aiming it through the air bubbles for the most intricate captures of underwater softcore sex. The shades of pink from the pussy area is vivid, and there’s something about the freeness of that weightless womanly touch that really does make this a niche worthy of further exploration. You do feel as though you should be watching mermaids, and your mind will drift to naughty fantasies that will play upon what they are feeding you with their footage.

The quality of filming is just as HD as they promised through the tour area, Underwater Sex is not skimping on anything. This site does operate from a pay per view type of basis, with there being, at this time, a set price for films, most of which will range in the proximity of, 15 minutes, and there will be a handful of screen caps to accompany the video. If you want a bit of a taste test before going under for the full membership fee, you’ll receive samples from the intro area, and they actually run in times long enough to really give you a taste of the underwater sex scenes, which will further your appreciation for the nice quality.


I always appreciate a site that shows they’re thinking outside of the box for that something new in fetish content for members, and that is exactly what Underwater Sex has done, not only outside of the box, but deep into the pool! Beautiful babes are sinking to the bottom of the diving level of lust, and then showing their softcore abilities at arousing themselves and gal pals while the filming is done in HD quality. A new site, needing growth desperately, but surely something to keep your eye on! Inspector: Missy”

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Underwater Sex is a highly original concept for a porn site where you can see some really hot girls who are not just turned on by pleasuring themselves or enjoying some fun with another hot babe.

They are additionally turned on by having some sexy fun underwater, and you can watch them getting up to their favourite pastime thanks to some sophisticated underwater photography!

This site currently contains 10 videos, all of which had screenshot galleries with each of them. The videos are available in WMV format, with the best quality versions only displaying at 1280x720. There was no update information here but they seem to add a new video once a week.

When I happened across Underwater Sex I was wondering if it was going to be a bunch of hardcore scenes in various bodies of water - something a bit like that insane scene from Showgirls with Elizabeth Berkley and Kyle MacLachlan. Fortunately though, it wasn’t a recreation of that ridiculous scene but instead sees some babes donning some real breathing apparatus, completely immersing themselves in a swimming pool, and then enjoying themselves!

It really is a very unique concept - I’ve never seen anything quite like it. But I really liked it. The movements of the girls as they have some fun are really fluid (obviously!) and make for some really fascinating scenes, and it really was a very different way of watching masturbation and lesbian porn. The only downsides? The masks don’t exactly help the attractiveness of the very attractive girls to get over, and it will certainly cost you a fair amount to enjoy it all.

The navigation here on this site is very simple and easy to use indeed. Buying individual scenes is pretty easy and you get a fair amount of technical information and stuff like that. I think though that they need to be slightly more visible in terms of exactly how available the videos are once you have bought them as people may want to know that information immediately on a pay-per-view site. Still, it was okay for what it was.

Underwater Sex is a very unusual and very welcome site - it is always great to see innovation in porn, as there is extremely limited amounts of imagination going into the porn market and its content these days.

The action here is very enjoyable and it is certainly a different way of enjoying some attractive ladies pleasuring themselves. But the pay-per-view system is VERY expensive, and I think needlessly so.

This site has the following fees:- $10.00 or $12.00 (1 video, length of access unknown) Reviewed by: Harry